Ethiopian Easter(Fasika) Festival

Ethiopian Easter Holiday EASTER, the feast of feasts, is celebrated with special solemnity. The church is filled with fragrance of incense and myriad’s of lights. The clergy are arrayed in their best vestments. All the people hold lighted tapers. Greetings are exchanged, drums are beaten, hands are clapped and singing is heard everywhere: “our resurrection has come, hosanna.” ...

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Meskel Finding Of The True Cross

 Meskel in Ethiopia Meskel (Finding of the True Cross), one of the major Ethiopian Orthodox festivals is celebrated for two days . Marked with feasting, dancing, and lively religious processions, the occasion usually starts on the eve of Meskel with the preparing of a cone-shaped bonfire in town squares and markets. Long tree branches are tied together and yellow daisies called Meskel Flowers are placed on top.

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Ethiopian Christmas Celebration

Christmas in Ethiopia Genna is observed by Christians across Ethiopia, the most famous Christmas celebrations arguably occur in the historic city of Lalibela. There, crowds of up to 100,000 pilgrims flock to watch immaculately dressed Orthodox clergy perform the woreb lining the steep ledges surrounding the famous rock-hewn churches, carved over 800 years ago. Accompanied by a slowly building tempo of traditional church drums, metallic sistrum and pilgrims’ clapping, . ...

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Ethiopian Timket (Epiphany) Celebration

Timket holiday Gondar Timket’ is a Ge’ez word meaning “immersion in water” similar to the Baptism of Jesus Christ. The word also denotes epiphany which is driven from the Greek word epiphaneia meaning “appearance”. The annual Timket celebration is held across Ethiopia on Tir 11 E.C (January 19 G.C) with processions of priests carrying replicas of the Ark of Covenant, locally known as ‘Tabot’, escorted by thousands of believers......

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