Debre Berhan & Ankober palace

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There are many species of forest birds in and around Ankober. The Palace of Menelik situated on a hill commanding a panoramic view of the region

Debre Berhan & Ankober palace 1 Day

Debre Birhan, 130Km away from Addis,is another place of interest to visit in one day from Addis.This town was establish in the medieval period [ 15th c.]When the centre of power shifted from Axum and Lalibela further south .The founder of the town was Emperor Zere Yakobe, it is side, and there was a mysterious light that suddenly appeared in and around the comp of the emperor. The emperor decided to build a palace and church on the site of the great light and called the place Debre Birhan/place of light/.The palace was destroyed long ago, but the church stands this day.

At the far end of Debre Birhan a right turn drive to some 40Km to Ankober,it was serve as the Capital of the Shoa Kingdom during the reigns of King Sahle Silassie,Hailemelekot and the early years of Emperor Menelik II.Here you will visit the 19thc. Palace, the surrounding sceneries and endemic Gelada Baboons.

What's include

  • 4WD transportation to and from Addis Ababa
  • Food and Mineral water
  • Guide (English speaking)